Des Plaines April 6, 2021 Election Candidate Interviews

In collaboration with Maine West students and staff, the Westerner newspaper, and Pi Sigma Pi Honor Society, SPEAK Des Plaines is proud to provide these candidate interviews for the local spring election.

Visit our Des Plaines Election page for more information about these elected positions. Use our Voter Resources page to learn how to register, vote by mail, vote early, or vote on election day April 6th.

Mayoral Candidates

Mike Charewicz
Malcolm Chester
Andrew Goczkowski

City Clerk Candidates

Justin Cochran
Jessica Mastalski – Declined Interview

1st Ward Alderman Candidates

Mark Lysakowski – No Response
Gloria Ludwig* (write in candidate)

3rd Ward Alderman Candidates

Eugene Fregetto – Declined Interview
Shawn T. Killian
Sean Oskerka
Norbert Paprocki

5th Ward Alderman Candidates

Carla Brookman – Declined Interview
Jennifer Nutley

7th Ward Alderman Candidates

Patricia Smith
Christopher Wozniczka – No Response

Des Plaines Park District Board

Erin Doerr
Faraz Khan – Declined Interview

District 207 School Board

Aurora Austriaco
Linda Coyle
Ashley Kilburg
Jin Lee
Carla Owen

District 62 School Board

Ronald Burton – Read Interview

Stephanie Duckmann – Read Interview

Jeanette Weller* – Read Interview (write in candidate)

Maine Township Board of Trustees

Democratic Slate

Republican Slate

  • Supervisor: Earl Wilson – Read Interview
  • Clerk: Smitesh Shah – No Response
  • Highway Commissioner: Jitendra “J.D.” Diganvker – No Response
  • Assessor: No Candidate
  • Trustees
    • Alicia Bailey – No Response
    • Roger Shubert – No Response
    • Jim Stinson – No Response
    • Paul Wronkiewicz – No Response


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Election Day!

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