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Become positively engaged with SPEAK Des Plaines

This list was made by the Volunteering Committee to establish a smooth and easy process for interns, volunteers, and other community members to visually make sense of all the responsibilities SPEAK Des Plaines takes on. Such actions include Community Service Projects, Civic Engagement, and City Initiatives (We have suggested the number of hours we would sign for as a community service project.) The actions below were created with high school students in mind, but we are open to collaborating with all residents.

Go ahead and pick out a couple of opportunities – Let’s get to work!

Let us know how you want to help here: https://forms.gle/GyUKGVTVGpEy85ar6

If you have questions Contact – speakdesplaines@gmail.com

Attend a

City Meeting

Be an engaged resident by attending one of these important meetings. If you have something to say, all of these meetings have an opportunity for public comment. (Attend/view a meeting and write up a brief summary/give a visual or verbal report to SPEAK -2 hours)

  • 207 School Board
  • District 62 School Board

Do you want to help? Tell us here: Take Action Interest Form

Get to Know Your Council Members

Interview a City Council Member using this questionnaire as a guide for your conversation To find out who your Alderperson is and to get contact information, use this link. https://www.desplaines.org/government/city_clerk/maps.htm

Turn in your interview – voice recording, brief write up, visual or verbal summary for 1 hour of community service.

Do you want to help? Tell us here: Take Action Interest Form


  • Choose one of the topics below to research and then choose one of the following formats to share your findings:
    • Create a social media story
    • Write a one page summary
    • Create a google slide
    • Create an informational TikTok 

We can help find resources – and may share your findings via social media/website/email – with your permission (2-3 hours, but these are negotiable. There’s a possibility for more, depending on the size of the project.)

  • Police Relations – Look into another city’s policing model and share your findings. If you are interested in this, we have a lot of articles for you to browse.
  • Native American History in Des Plaines – In order to fully understand our history, we need to learn about the people who lived on this land for centuries before us. Whose land are we living on today?
  • Research something else about Des Plaines that interests you, including upcoming laws or policies in Des Plaines and/or Illinois. Is there something you’ve always wanted to know? Chances are you aren’t alone. Send in your ideas to get approved before you complete this project

Do you want to help? Tell us here: Take Action Interest Form

Des Plaines Budget

Look over the proposed budget for 2022: https://www.desplaines.org/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?t=34786.23&BlobID=30965

Then do one for the following and receive at least 2 hours of community service:

  • Write 5 questions based on the current budget and what you would like to see our city’s budget.
  • Create an informational TikTok or Social Media Story based on your findings

Do you want to help? Tell us here: Take Action Interest Form


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