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Become positively engaged with SPEAK Des Plaines

This list was made by the Volunteering Committee to establish a smooth and easy process for interns, volunteers, and other community members to visually make sense of all the responsibilities SPEAK Des Plaines takes on. Such actions include civics projects, local involvement, and city initiatives. These actions below were created with high school students in mind, but we are open to collaborating with all residents.

Go ahead and pick out a couple of opportunities – Let’s get to work!

Get to Know Your Council Members

Speak to and/or interview your Alderman using the questionnaire – It’s one thing to make a questionnaire for our Aldermen, but another to put it to the test and use it as a guide for getting to know our respective local leaders. Contact, email, or personally reach out to your Alderman and get to know them!

To find out more and to share your results, Contact – Dulf at speakdesplaines@gmail.com  Subject “Attn: Dulf – Interview”

Find your ward and alderperson – https://www.desplaines.org/government/city_clerk/maps.htm

Des Plaines


Look over our city’s budget: https://www.desplaines.org/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?t=61505.77&BlobID=27560 

Create a List of 5 questions based on the current budget and what you would like to see our cities budget.


Create a slide show (you can copy these slides) to show what you learned about the budget. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dpyiZ07JtGFkeF0KmB3oZNhlvuAa2lBNXpRah5eOC7s/edit?usp=sharing

For questions or to share your findings: Contact – Jessie at speakdesplaines@gmail.com  Subject “Attn: Jessie – Budget”


We will meet in person to walk different neighborhoods in Des Plaines to share information with residents.

  • Inform the 7th Ward Residents Dates TBD (approximately late September) – meet near Chippewa Middle School to walk door to door informing residents about the 7th Ward – Ward Meeting and give them the opportunity to sign up for Alderman Smith’s newsletter. This is great to do with friends.
  • Budget Questionnaire (Dates TBD approximately October) – go door to door asking for people’s input and priorities for local and national budgets. This is great to do with friends. You will be given a script and questionnaire.


  • Choose one of the topics below to research and then choose one of the following formats to share your findings:
    • Create 5 social media stories
    • Write a one page summary
    • Create a 5 google slides 
    • Create an informational TikTok 
  • Police Relations – Research about 5 cities’ (police department) emergency response systems – For the purpose of helping out our own police department and Chief Anderson, it’s fair to say that we should also look into the departments and Emergency Response Systems of others to better our own. 
  • Research Native American History in Des Plaines – In order to fully understand our history, we need to learn about the people who lived on this land for centuries before us. Whose land are we living on today?
  • Research Something About Des Plaines that interests you. Is there something you’ve always wanted to know? Chances are you aren’t alone. Send in your ideas to get approved before you complete this project

Support Local


Take the pledge to spend $25 a week at Des Plaines businesses.


Join the Facebook Group and share stories of your favorite local businesses : https://www.facebook.com/groups/227437951828174

Use #ShopDesPlaines on social media. Share with friends and family!

Can’t afford to spend money on this initiative? Leave positive reviews online for your favorite local businesses!


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