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  • Find your local Des Plaines alderman by first learning your ward by using this Des Plaines Ward and Precinct Map.
  • Then find your elected alderman and contact info by visiting the Des Plaines City Officials webpage.
  • Some Des Plaines aldermen have websites and/or email newsletters: 2nd ward Colt Moylan, 3rd ward Sean Oskerka, and 4th ward Artur Zadrozny.
  • Some Des Plaines aldermen host regular ward meetings with the public (due to COVID-19 these meeting are paused; there have been no known virtual meetings).
  • The mayor of Des Plaines is Andrew Goczkowski.
  • Des Plaines City Council holds meetings on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month (due to COVID-19 these meetings are being held virtually). Public comments can be made in person at city hall, or sent to
  • April 6, 2021 is the election for mayor, city clerk, and all odd-numbered aldermen.
  • Find your Illinois State Representative by using the Illinois House map and search with your home address. Des Plaines has areas in the 20th, 53rd, 55th, and 57th districts.
  • 20th District State Representative Bradley Stephens
  • 53rd District State Representative Mark Walker
  • 55th District State Representative Marty Moylan
  • 57th District State Representative John Carroll
  • Enter your home address for a complete list of your federal, state, county, local, and judicial elected officials. The website provides their next election year as well as a voter guide (when available).

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