Des Plaines Avoids Garbage Disposal Rate Hike With New Deal


Entrance to Des Plaines City Hall and Police Station — the Civic Center — on Miner Street (Northwest Highway).

With a new garbage disposal contract set to take effect in Des Plaines on March 1, residents can expect to pay $.01 less per month for waste removal services.

Though this amount may seem minuscule, the new, seven-year, $3.4 million contract with Lakeshore Recycling prevents garbage removal rates from jumping by around $5 per month, as they would have if the city had stayed with…

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Key Take Aways

The current garbage contract with Republic Services ends February 28th – during the garbage pick up days prior to this day, Republic will collect refuse containers.

Lakeshore Recycling Services will keep the same pick up schedule and provide residents with the same size containers – 95 gallon for trash, 65 gallon for recycling.

Unlike Republic, Lakeshore Recycling has their own recycling center located in Forest View, handling 20 tons of waste per hour.

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