Make an Election Safety Plan

Regardless of tomorrow’s election results, there is the potential for unrest. Make a safety plan for yourself, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

“Activists and extremists alike from both the right and the left fear what could happen this election and are preparing for what’s to come (The Atlantic). As a result, businesses are hiring security. Streets are boarding up their storefrontsGun sales are up. And police departments are staffing up. And although a tiny percentage of people actually support violence, it doesn’t take many incite it–more on this via Brookings.

It’s important to note how this violence is likely to most impact marginalized communities–the essential workers that don’t have a choice not to go to work. The low-wage workers that aren’t given Election Day off. The people of color most likely to be targeted by racial violence from the right. The people that rely on public transportation that could be disrupted by protests. If you have the privilege not to be directly impacted by the election violence, it is your responsibility to protect their well-being.”

Nicole Cardoza, Anti-Racism Daily

Make a safety plan for you and your household, and encourage your friends and family to do the same in preparation for the week ahead. This can be as simple as self-care like limiting your time on social media to protect your mental health, or as far as preparing resources in your home like food and medication.

Here is a guide to help you make decisions for preparing for the week ahead:

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