Proposed Cumberland Crossing Development for Des Plaines

Cumberland Crossing is a proposed apartment development at Golf Road and Wolf Road where the unoccupied United Feather & Down facility currently stands.

For a deeper look at the developer’s plans along with residents’ concerns, watch the October 19th city council meeting, available on the city’s Council Meeting Videos webpage, as well as this PDF packet of information which was provided at the city council meeting. This article also provides some insight on population density development.

Facts about Cumberland Crossing:

  • The proposed building is 6 stories tall and will contain 449 studio, one, and two bedroom apartments and is estimated at being a $100 million private investment in Des Plaines
  • The apartment building requires re-zoning to allow for the structure to be 26 feet taller than is currently allowed
  • The Des Plaines Planning & Zoning Board voted in favor of the development (5 to 2)
  • The majority of parking will be indoors and screened from view (65 studio units will have 65 parking spaces, 299 one bedroom units will have 299 parking spaces, 85 two bedroom units will have 128 parking spaces, 13 outdoor spaces are allocated for the proposed coffee shop)
  • Cumberland Crossing would provide renters easy access to the Cumberland Metra train station
  • The apartments would be built in two phases–phase one starting May 2021 through December 2022 and and phase two September 2022 through October 2024
  • The development includes a drive-thru coffee shop
  • Water drainage will be maintained on site in underground vault storage
  • Improvements to the traffic circle were completed with development in this area in mind
  • There will be additional intersection improvements to help traffic flow–an eastbound left turn lane and a westbound right turn lane, as well as improvements at the Golf-Wolf-Seegers intersection
  • When operational, 250+ employees worked at the United Feather & Down factory, and more than 300 employees were employed at Bantam Books at that location through 1996 (source), all traveling in and out of the parking lot each work day
  • The s-curve section of Northwest Highway will become more bicycle and walker friendly with the construction of a pedestrian underpass, effectively connecting the Cumberland Crossing neighborhood with downtown Des Plaines
  • For this development to proceed, there needs to be a first reading of preliminary approval, a second reading of preliminary approval, a first reading of final approval, and a second reading of final approval (it is a long process through city council)

Cumberland Crossing Cons:

  • Denser population in the area has the potential to increase local traffic
  • The apartment building will be taller, and therefore more visible throughout the surrounding neighborhood
  • Metra ridership is currently down by 89% (source), affecting transit-oriented rental rates
  • Increased population has the potential to put extra strain on local schools, an impact study should be done
  • The approved variances can apply to future land use in other areas of Des Plaines

Cumberland Crossing Pros:

  • Eliminates an abandoned factory in the middle of a residential neighborhood
  • When fully occupied, it will generate $1.6 million in property taxes and $37,000 in retail sales tax (currently it generates $235,000 in taxes)
  • The developer is required to pay a $850,000 impact fee to fund the park district developing local recreation
  • The apartment complex can attract young professionals to Des Plaines with easy Metra access, and keep them in Des Plaines when they want a single family home
  • Has the potential to positively impact local businesses, and increase business developments in the area

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