Des Plaines 2023 Candidate Interviews

2nd Ward Candidates

Chris Jensen (write-in)

Martin “Colt” Moylan

Earl L. Wilson

(Due to technical difficulties, Earl Wilson’s recorded interview is unable to be published.)

4th Ward Candidates

Dick Sayad

Artur Zadrozny

6th Ward Candidates

Brian Inzerello

Mark E. Walsten

8th Ward Candidates

Michael (Mike) Charewicz

Shamoon Ebrahimi

Bike & Walk Des Plaines City Council Candidate Interviews

Bike & Walk Des Plaines interviewed city council candidates about walking, biking, and transportation in our city. Read the Bike & Walk Des Plaines candidate interviews.

District 207 School Board

Theresa ‘Teri’ Collins

Edward Eicker

Written Interview (Technical difficulties prevented Edward Eicker’s video interview from being publishable)

Dean J. Patras

(Due to schedule conflicts, Dean Patras was unable to participate in a recorded interview.)

Sheila Yousuf-Abramson

District 62 School Board

Candidates for District 62 School Board were given the opportunity to respond to written interview questions. All candidates were given the same questions and their answers are posted unedited.

Tina Garrett: Written Interview

Gene Haring: Written Interview

Patrick Maag: Written Interview

Elizabeth Massa: Written Interview

Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Morley: Written Interview

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