2022 Election Resources

Locate and View Your New Congressional District: After the most recent Census, states have been apportioned a certain number of congressional districts based on population. Redistricting is the process undertaken by individual states where new district boundaries are created, each with an equal population. Visit www.270towin.com/my-new-congressional-district to view the new and existing congressional district for a street address.

Important Dates

5/31/2022: Voter registration closes for deputy registrars and local election officials

6/12/2022: Last day to register to vote by online application (you can still register in person at early voting and/or on election day)

6/13/2022: First day of early voting

6/23/2022: Last day to request a mail ballot, including military and overseas voters

6/27/2022: Last day of early voting

6/28/2022: Last day mail ballots can be postmarked 

6/28/2022: ELECTION DAY (find your polling place)

Cook County Resources

Lake County Resources

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